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Infection Prevention

HMA has successfully managed the infection prevention programs of acute and long-term care centers since 1986. We are prepared to build upon the foundation of existing programs or establish a rejuvenated program with new links and relationships with other programs and departments as circumstances require. HMA is prepared to provide all infection program services consistent with accreditation, licensing, and regulatory requirements and coordinated with the quality development effort in place or planned for your center.

HMA is prepared to provide:

  • Comprehensive Infection Prevention Policies and Procedures

  • Infection Surveillance (nosocomial and community acquired)

  • Coordination of reporting of communicable diseases to public health agencies

  • Analysis and reporting of nosocomial infection patterns and trends

  • Review and critique of infection prevention aspects of all clinical and non-clinical department and administrative policies and procedures

  • Coordination of staff support for the Infection Prevention Committee

  • Infection Prevention Committee leadership and coordination of the committee's work with other administrative and medical staff committees

  • Infection Prevention Program support of common goals of Quality and Risk Management, Utilization, Occupational Health, and Safety Programs

  • On-call consultation to all staff, managers, administration, and medical staff regarding infectious disease prevention

  • Support for staff orientation and continuing education relevant to infection prevention

  • Ongoing review and consultation based upon pertinent literature, public health, regulatory and accreditation agency recommendations and requirements, and community standards