Occupational Health

Health care employers, employees, organized labor, and government regulatory agencies now more than ever recognize the importance of methodical management of occupational health and safety programs for health care staff. HMA can manage or support your occupational health program and insure coordination with your worker's compensation insurance programs and emergency, safety, and education programs.

HMA is prepared to provide:

  • Comprehensive Occupational Health Policies and Procedures

  • Analysis of patterns and trends necessary to focus intervention and reduce occupational injury and illness

  • Consultation regarding computerization of occupational health records

  • Coordination of the Occupational Health Program with related clinical services (e.g., Emergency or Ambulatory Care), Workers' Compensation program, and employee assistance program

  • Systems necessary to manage new employee health assessments, incidents or exposures, and inquiries

  • Support for staff orientation and continuing education related to occupational health

  • Extensive literature reference database

  • Support for Occupational Health services marketable to other employers